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We recently had the opportunity to interview one of UConn DMD’s 2D animation & film students, Henry Stein (’18) on his experience performing with his band “Mild Monk” at the WHUS Spring Fling. Stein recalls the experience as being nothing short of “sheer euphoria. I had the most fun I’ve ever had. Thanks to my incredible band mates and a really awesome and receptive crowd!”

What started as learning to play his acoustic guitar evolved into writing his own songs after being “compelled to add [his] own flavor” using nothing more than his iPhone and a $40 iRig which may not be the most elaborate setup, but proved to be a nonetheless successful or convenient method for his song writing.

When asked about the origin and inspiration behind the name “Mild Monk,” Stein recalled it being a combination of his mellow & mild personality and pair of monk strap shoes that he owned. He also noted that name is also an ode to two of his jazz heroes: Thelonius Monk and Mild High Club.

Not only does Henry’s involvement in Mild Monk showcase his musical talent, but he also uses some of his Digital Media & Design skills throughout his marketing. From using Photoshop to designing CDs, t-shirts, and posters, to promoting himself on social media, Stein is really putting his talents to work. Stein shared, “The whole marketing aspect of the music is something I’m just learning about and having DMD skills makes these goals like making merchandise and posters really obtainable.”

Although Henry will be graduating this May and parting from both school and the band, you can always stream his music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, and iTunes/Apple Music.

Photo credit: Carly Zaleski & Henry Stein
Fun Fact: According to Henry, his spirit animal is a Hen.

Mild Monk album cover

flyer for a Mild Monk event

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