Due to constantly evolving technology, the DMD department regularly updates their course offerings. This page should serve only as a guide. To view an updated list of DMD courses, see the official Course Catalog

Foundation Curriculum/Senior Capstone

Digital Foundation

DMD 1000

Introductory studio experience in designing for the digital arts; concepts, media and strategies for making creative digital work.

Foundations in Digital Media and Design I

DMD 1001

Creative problem solving; empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing as means to innovate discovery in diverse fields.

Foundations in Digital Media and Design II

DMD 1002

Introduction to the fundamentals of storytelling through the use of a variety of practical digital media applications.

Animation Lab

DMD 1030

Fundamental skills required for 2D, 3D, digital and traditional animation techniques.

Fundamentals of Programming for Game and Web

DMD 1060

Introduction to object-oriented computer programming through lecture and hands-on exercises. Basic computer programming principles that will set the foundation for future courses in scripting.

Design Lab I

DMD 1101

Exploration of the creation, manipulation, and reception of digital images through project-based work using image-editing software. Through lecture, discussion, projects and critique, students will develop, refine, and evaluate digital images and understand their artistic, social, and ethical ramifications.

Design Lab II

DMD 1102

Theory, principles, and practices of digital screen-based visual communication. Through a multi-disciplinary perspective involving art, design, art history, and media studies, students will address how culture visualizes screen-based communication through both image and type.

Design Thinking

DMD 2020

Design thinking as a process that employs immersion, empathy, ideation, definition, prototyping and testing leading to innovative discovery. The ways in which diversity of culture, experience and thought lead to innovation while examining the value of a human-based design process on the growth and direction of culture and society at large and how designers can participate in driving that process.

Special Topics in Digital Media

DMD 2095

Seminar focusing on a special, limited topic in the digital media space.

Design Lab

DMD 3020

The theory, principles and practices of digital screen-based visual communication. Through a multi-disciplinary perspective involving art, design, art history, and media studies, students will address how culture visualizes screen-based communication through both image and type.

Special Topics in Digital Media II

DMD 3095

Seminar focusing in digital media. Content will vary each semester based upon instructor expertise.

Independent Study

DMD 3099

Independent study in a Digital Media area of concentration.

Variable Topics

DMD 3998

Prerequisites and recommended preparation vary.

Degree Exhibition

DMD 4015

Preparation of a project or portfolio for presentation in the Digital Media & Design Department's Degree Exhibition.

Portfolio and Professional Development: Putting it All Together

DMD 4025

Preparing advanced students for the transition to work by developing a professional grade portfolio, website, social media presence and communications collateral and skills.


DMD 4040

An immersive study of the role, structure, procedures, techniques and processes employed by a Brand Agency within the digital and social media spaces.

Digital Content Design, Creation and Distribution Studio

DMD 4045

Develop marketing communications strategies, design, produce and distribute digital content for the Digital Media and Design Department and outside projects with corporate partners.

Senior Project

DMD 4075

Development of a project in the student's area of concentration that demonstrates vigorous and consistent thematic engagement and articulates both technical and conceptual sophistication.

Digital Media Internship

DMD 4081

Supervised professional experience in the student's field of study.

Senior Thesis

DMD 4086

Preparation and presentation of a thesis that demonstrates vigorous and consistent intellectual engagement and articulates technical, conceptual, and scholarly sophistication.

Motion Design & Animation

Motion Graphics I

DMD 2200

Introduction to creating visual effects and animated graphics.

Motion Graphics II

DMD 3200

Designed for digital animators and filmmaker to develop advanced skills using a combination of techniques and effects; including green screen, 2D particle systems, mattes, rotoscoping, sound sync and 2D character animation.

History of Animation

DMD 3205

A history of animation from the late 19th – century through contemporary and emerging digital technologies.

Experimental & Alternative Techniques

DMD 3210

An exploration of non-traditional techniques and mediums for creating motion graphics and animation.

Animating Science

DMD 3240

A project-based exploration of animated scientific visualizations and digital artworks inspired by science.

Advanced Motion Media

DMD 4200

Advanced exploration of motion media topics, including large-scale, collaborative, and interdisciplinary projects, and investigations in emerging motion media technologies.

3D Animation

3D Motion I

DMD 2230

Introduction to techniques of 3D motion such as modeling, lighting and texturing 3D forms; keyframes and keyframe interpolations; and motion graphics effectors and simulations.

3D Animation I

DMD 2300

Introduction to 3D Animation techniques including key framing, curve editing, timing, squash and stretch, walk cycles, and the 12 principles of animation.

3D Modeling I

DMD 2310

Introduction to creating polygonal 3D models using industry standard modeling tools, focusing on geometry construction based on reference images, edge flow, clean topology, and polygon density.

3D Lighting & Rendering I

DMD 2320

Introduction to dramatic lighting, 3-point lighting, shadows, materials, procedural textures, bump maps, displacement maps, ambient occlusion, ray tracing, and global illumination.

3D Animation II

DMD 3300

Continuation of the core animation principles to explore advanced animation techniques including character animation, deformations, and non-linear animation.

History of Computer Graphics

DMD 3305

The history of computer-generated imagery (CG) from its beginnings to the present.

3D Modeling, Lighting and Rendering II

DMD 3310

Instruction and guidance in the techniques and critical understanding of modeling, including texturing the model, lighting, and rendering in animation specific to a 3D environment.

3D Simulations

DMD 3350

Offers students an intermediate understanding of the art and science of creating physical simulations, using particle systems and collision detection. Creation of complicated rendering and compositing setups that make animations both easier to render and more flexible within the bounds of any animation or VFX sequence.

3D Rigging

DMD 4310

Concepts of rigging, with emphasis on animated props and characters. Techniques for using and creating bones, constraints, skeletons, skinning and weight painting.

Advanced Compositing for Visual Effects

DMD 4340

Takes the students further into the art of visual effects, combining computer generated animation together and with live action footage.

Advanced 3D Research and Production

DMD 4350

Explores, develops and evaluates the research and skills in 3D animation production, focusing on each student’s own path of study.

Web & Interactive Media Design

Web Design I

DMD 1070

Introduction to concepts, technologies and strategies for building contemporary websites.

Interaction Design

DMD 3035

A critical overview of interaction design (including usability, evaluation, and cultural aspects) and a practical program of website and computer software interface creation.

Introduction to Mobile Application Development

DMD 3440

Through lecture and hands-on exercises, students will be introduced to the processes, technologies, and environment of mobile applications.

Advanced Web Design & Development

DMD 3470

Intermediate and advanced web design and development techniques, covering Cascading Style Sheets, XML, dynamic HTML with JavaScript, common frameworks, and the principles of site management. Advanced design concepts in website creation, such as efficient navigation design, designing for portability and accessibility, separating content from presentation for easy site updating and maintenance, planning interactivity, and search engine optimization.

Scripting for the Web

DMD 3475

Introduces the principles of scripting and the application of scripting techniques to web-based projects.

Web III: Expert Topics in Web Development

DMD 4470

Expert topics in web design and development, including intensive instruction and hands-on development with databases and server-side programming to build web applications.

Web and Interactive Design Practicum

DMD 4475

Web technology is ever-changing and so, too, are techniques and workflows required in the production of web, mobile, and other digital products. Through the completion of real-world projects, this course examines modern workflows, emerging technologies, and the client-facing process in the world of web, mobile, and interactive design and development.

Game Design

Introduction to Digital Game Design

DMD 2500

Introduction to the principles of game design and development. History of the industry, story and game mechanics.

Introduction to Game Scripting

DMD 2542

Fundamentals of gameplay scripting utilizing a current game engine. Numbers, strings, assignment, loops, functions, arrays, and available engine commands.

Game Production

DMD 2550

Practical investigation into the successful management of video game projects. Budgets, asset management plans, and risk evaluation of game development options. Relationship and team management, business aspects of the video game industry, and development of a video game project.

Wearable Electronics and Interactive Objects

DMD 3420

Provides a basic understanding of electronics, key components, function, construction, and project design for wearable electronics and interactive objects. Concepts learned will form the core for students to continue to proactively explore and experiment with wearable electronics and interactive objects beyond the classroom.

3D Virtual World and Simulations

DMD 3520

Investigation of different virtual environments, simulations, and serious games and examine how game engines can be used to generate a three-dimensional computer-based environment. Students will create a 3D environment based on their own imagination and research.

Interactive Storytelling

DMD 3522

A project-based exploration of the relationship of story, character and player in games. Students in this course will generate a short role-playing video game storyline.

Game Systems Design

DMD 3530

Students in this course are challenged to create a unique or refined interface within the context of websites or computer software. We examine various usability aspects of interaction to give a broad overview of critical topics within cultural requirements of interfaces, interface design, and evaluation.

Multiplayer Game Development

DMD 3540

Students create a multiplayer game experience based in a relevant game engine that adheres to or modifies the core mechanics to create a new multiplayer game experience.

Advanced Digital Game Design and Development

DMD 4500

Advanced study and application of digital game design and development, programming, 3D game environments, game testing, human computer interaction, quality assurance, and publishing.

Disruptive Technologies

DMD 4536

Exploration of emerging interactive technologies, creating rapid fire prototypes utilizing experimental hardware and software. These skills enable students to develop interactive installations and unique gameplay scenarios.

Advanced Game Scripting

DMD 4545

Master gameplay scripting within a commercial game engine. Emphasis is on foundational knowledge required for developing artificial intelligence models, rendering, and networking for games.

Digital Media Business Strategies

Digital Media Strategies for Business I

DMD 2700

Introduction to digital media concepts and platforms that are being used in companies’ marketing strategies and plans.

Social Media Business Applications

DMD 2710

Introduction to social media marketing, focusing on the platforms and strategies being employed by brands.

Digital Media Analytics

DMD 3720

Provides a working knowledge of the array of metrics and analytics needed to understand the digital consumer and measure the effectiveness of digital media marketing.

Digital Consumer Behavior

DMD 3730

Explores and analyzes the changes in consumer decision-making and behavior in today’s digital world.

Digital Sports and Entertainment Studio

DMD 3740

The digital marketing landscape in sports and entertainment, including changes in the production, marketing, distribution, and consumption of sports and entertainment media properties.

Digital Culture, Learning, & Advocacy

History of Digital Culture

DMD 2010

Key episodes in the history of digital technology and digital media; values and norms that adhere to digital culture.

Introduction to Digital Humanities

DMD 2610

Application of digital technology and media to such subjects as art history, classics, cultural and area studies, history, languages, literature, music, and philosophy. A broad survey of the landscape of international and interdisciplinary digital humanities through the lens of ongoing work of faculty and staff researchers at the University of Connecticut.

Critical Perspectives on Digital Media

DMD 3010

Critical thinking and writing about digital media objects, contexts, and “texts,” and how these participate in the social construction of human identities and belonging.

Collaborating with Cultural Organizations

DMD 3620

Exploration of the roles that current and emerging digital media technologies play in museums, archives, and other cultural organizations' public engagements. Partner collaborations are grounded in a critical review of history, theory, and contemporary practice. Integrated service learning component. Some class sessions held at collaborating institutions on campus.

Digital Film/Video Production

Moving Image & Sequence

DMD 2210

Introduction to digital editing, project management, working with sound and time-based storytelling.

Digital Cinematography I

DMD 2810

Introduction to the fundamentals of cinematography in the digital realm, including both technical knowledge and aesthetics. Emphasis on camera angles, movements, composition, and lighting to enhance storytelling.

Narrative Workshop

DMD 3030

An open forum where students will “workshop” their own narratives and works-in-progress, using each other as collaborators, editors, and ideators to investigate emerging forms of storytelling.

Broadcast Graphics & Title Sequence

DMD 3220

A survey of broadcast design and title sequences made for film, games and television.

Cinematic Storytelling

DMD 3230

A survey of film and media, in particular, the close analysis of graphic storytelling techniques in television, animation, shorts, and movies.

Visual Effects

DMD 3250

Exploration of compositing and visual effects through production, manipulation, and combination of live action footage with 2D and 3D animated effects.

Digital Sound Design

DMD 3850

A practical introduction to sound recording, editing, and mixing, designed to give students both the technical and artistic skills necessary to provide sound design for a variety of different media, including stand-alone audio, live-action film, animation, games, and more.