Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

About This Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is the professional degree in art and design. The B.F.A. in Digital Media Design has a succinct emphasis on creative production, facilitating a student’s ability to produce and implement visual communications strategies and related products necessary for careers in visual arts and design. Students gain advanced technical, creative problem solving, and critique skills through intensive studio courses, as well as a thorough understanding of relevant history and theory. 

The B.F.A. in Digital Media Design requires a total of 78 credits in the major, including two Studio Art courses. In collaboration with the Art and Art History department, B.F.A. students enroll in ART 1030 Drawing 1 and choose one additional introductory studio art course from Illustration, Photography, Printmaking, Life Drawing, or Sculpture. Twelve credits of courses in Art/Design/Film/Digital Media History/Theory are also a requirement of the B.F.A. degree. 

By the third semester, all B.F.A. majors must declare one of five areas of concentration and register for the appropriate courses for their chosen specialization. As a senior capstone, all B.F.A. students must take six credits of Senior Project (fall/spring) and a Portfolio and Professional Development course. The students’ final artworks are publicly displayed in the DMD Senior Exhibition, the culmination of the B.F.A. degree.

The Digital Media & Design Department offers five B.F.A. concentrations:

  1. B.F.A. in 3D Animation**
  2. B.F.A. in Game Design**
  3. B.F.A. in Digital Film/Video Production
  4. B.F.A. in Motion Design & Animation
  5. B.F.A. in Web/Interactive Media Design

**Note: Game Design and 3D Animation concentrations are only available on the Storrs campus.

Important Note: Due to the accreditation requirements of NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art & Design), as a professional degree the B.F.A. requires a minimum of 78 credits in art and design of the total curriculum, which requires four years (8 semesters) in most cases. Students who plan to double major at UConn and transfer students should carefully consider the Bachelor of Arts degree instead.

UConn’s NASAD listing can be found here: 

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