Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

About This Degree

The Bachelor of Arts, as a liberal arts degree, is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of, and develop proficiencies with, a broad spectrum of digital media technologies, design skills, and applications. At the same time, the B.A. in DMD encourages exploration outside the major in order to strengthen the content of a student’s DMD studies. The B.A. curriculum allows more flexibility for a student to combine a degree in Digital Media Design with courses offered in other departments across campus. Positioned with a strong liberal arts base in a top R-1 (Research One) institution, the Digital Media & Design program is constantly evolving to reflect new developments in digital media and design. 

The Digital Media & Design Department offers three B.A. concentrations:

  1. B.A. in Digital Media Design (generalist)
  2. B.A. in Digital Media Business Strategies
  3. B.A. in Digital Culture

Important Note: Due to the accreditation requirements of NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art & Design), as a liberal arts degree the B.A. has a limitation of 30-45% of credits in art and design of the total curriculum. Therefore the B.A. in Digital Media Design is capped at 45 credits (38%). Students earning the Bachelor of Arts are limited in the quantity of DMD courses that they can take. Students who want to take more major courses should carefully consider the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

UConn’s NASAD listing  can be found here: 


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