Game Design (B.F.A.)

Game Design


Are you fascinated by games? Is it the story? Or the vibrant graphics? Do you get into deep discussions about how to make a game more fair, or more fun? The bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A) degree program in Game Design provides the skills required to create interactive experiences for entertainment, education, and science. Drawing from a multitude of disciplines that range from fine art to psychology to computer programming, you will gain the skills to create unique gamified experiences. Through hands-on projects we emphasize collaboration and communication skills, which are critical when working with the diverse range of professionals needed to make blockbuster titles.  We are proud that our Game Design program ranks in the Top 25 best public game design schools in the U.S. via Animation Career Review! *Note: the Game Design major is only available on the Storrs campus.

Career Paths

  • Game Designer
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Producer / Esports Manager
  • Serious Games Designer

For a further breakdown our job description page has links to many more Plans of Study with associated job descriptions. These job descriptions are industry postings sampled from a variety of leading companies and are meant to capture an example of how a student might want to modify their education based on their personal goals. 

Course Sequence / Skills Learned

B.F.A. Game Design Plan of Study: 2019-20 Plan of Study [pdf]

Freshman entering the game track get their core competencies in art and design through the shared DMD Core Curriculum (Foundations of Digital Media and Design 1 & 2, Design Lab 1 & 2) and ART 1030 Drawing 1, then jump into DMD 1060 Fundamentals of Programming for Game and Web. Those eager to begin their game studies might also take DMD 2500 Intro to Digital Game Design in their spring semester. 

In the sophomore year, students take a selection of fundamental skills classes including DMD 2510 2D Game Art*, 2542 Intro to Game Scripting, 2550 Game Production, and a history of games course. They might also take their second studio art course.

Juniors are expected to take two core classes, DMD 3522 Interactive Storytelling and DMD 3520 3D Virtual Worlds, and then focus on a specialization, choosing from DMD 3560 3D Modeling for Games*, DMD 3530 Game System Design, DMD 3540 Multiplayer Game Development, and DMD 4545 Advanced Game Scripting

As a senior, it’s time to put your skills to the test by creating a complete project from start to finish. In addition to your year-long BFA Senior Project, students can take capstone courses in Entertainment, Serious, or Museum-based games in DMD 4500 Advanced Game Design, DMD 4510 Serious Games, or DMD 4536 Disruptive Technologies.

*Courses in development.


Students have access to state-of-the art facilities in Bishop Center that help them make awesome games. Whether drawing in the Cintiq Lab, directing performers in the Motion Capture Studio, playing or developing games in the VR/Gaming Studio, we are here to equip students with everything they need to succeed!

Student Clubs / Extracurricular

Successful game design students not only apply themselves within their coursework, but also pursue their interests outside the classroom. Join UConn’s vibrant gaming communities, compete in the Big East, play with our many gaming clubs, or if you want to get deeper into game design, why not join the Game Development Club or the Escape Room Club? These student communities are funded through the university system to help empower students to direct their own education. Learn more about these student clubs:

Alumni Success

Students from our program have gone on to get exciting industry jobs! Here are a few recent highlights.

Winners of the Connecticon, Connecticut Festival of Indie Games

Student Work


by Devin Quinn, Josh Hirshfield, Malcom Braren, Matt Hsing, Alex Williams, and Mackenzie Fox  (on Steam)

Hearts of Iron IV: Winter Wars: A Scandanavian Expansion

by Liam Houle (BA senior project) (on Steam)


by Emma Cooper - Interactive 3D Environment (BFA senior project)


by Emily Touch & Courtney (BFA senior project)


by Cynthia Reinert (BFA senior project)


by Emily Cesarini (BFA senior project)

Nova Swarm

by Patrick Belanger (MFA Thesis Exhibition)


by Stefan Lopuszanski  (MFA Thesis Exhibition)


by Jonathan Ampiaw  (MFA Thesis Exhibition)

DMD 3520 3D Virtual Worlds (Short films created in Unity)

DMD 4500 Advanced Game Design (screen captures of final projects)