Digital Film/Video Production (B.F.A.)

Digital Film/Video Production


Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) program in Digital Film/Video Production provides a hands-on approach to the complete filmmaking process, from pre-production through post (concept development, project planning, screenwriting, storyboarding, cinematography, sound design, editing, and effects), all the while emphasizing critique and revision to result in telling powerful stories via professional products. Short-form video production is an integral tool for sharing stories, advocating issues, marketing products, and distributing information for learning. Whether they want to create a documentary, an experimental or narrative short film, a promotional video, or even a 15-second clip on Snapchat, our students develop high production values to learn to tell powerful stories to specifically targeted audiences. Students also take film history and theory and business-related courses to augment their filmmaking skills.

Courses within the concentration are designed to help students develop technical expertise alongside skills in iterative, creative project development and aesthetics. Digital Film/Video Production majors explore the use of film and video within a wide range of genres including traditional narrative, documentary, informational and marketing content, and interactive experiences, preparing them for diverse careers in the film, television, and digital media industries.

Unique to UConn’s Digital Media & Design program is our strategic position connecting the humanities, sciences, fine art, and business. Students and faculty collaborate across departments, and with client and community partners, on exciting and innovative film projects. Current UConn collaborations include the Human Rights Film and Digital Media Initiative with the Human Rights Institute, offering courses in social justice filmmaking, and the Human Rights Film+ Series; Science of Learning & Art of Communication (SLAC); and Dramatic Arts, working with actors in narrative film production.

Career Paths

  • Cinematographer / Videographer 
  • Director
  • Gaffer
  • Video content producer
  • Film/Video Editor
  • Production Manager
  • Screenwriter
  • Independent Filmmaker

Course Sequence / Skills Learned

B.F.A. Film / Video Production Plan of Study: 2019-20 Plan of Study [pdf]

First year students entering the film/video track develop core competencies in art and design through the shared DMD Core Curriculum (DMD 1001 / 1002 Foundations of Digital Media and DMD 1101 / 1102 Design 1 & 2) and ART 1030 Drawing 1. The spring DMD 1002 course emphasizes storytelling and introduces all students to the basics of video production. 

Courses in the Digital Film/Video Production major core include: 

  • DMD 2200 Motion Graphics 1
  • DMD 2210 Film & Video Editing I
  • DMD 2810 Digital Cinematography I 
  • DMD 3230 Cinematic Storytelling

Upper-level Digital Film/Video Production electives include: 

  • DMD 3820 Documentary Film Production
  • DMD 3830 Film Writing
  • DMD 3840 Creative Producing for Independent Film
  • DMD 3850 Digital Sound Design 
  • DMD 3880 Immersive Media Production
  • DMD 4810 Advanced Digital Cinematography
  • DMD 4835 Narrative Short Film Production

The major also offers a wide assortment of variable topics courses including: Directing Actors, Pre-Visualization & Storyboarding, Social Documentary in Theory & Practice, and Color Grading.

In the DMD 4040 Agency course, students work in teams to create projects for real-world clients, gaining valuable experience and professional skills. For their senior capstone, Digital Film/Video Production students complete a year-long BFA Senior Project of their choice under the mentorship of DMD faculty. The final projects are shared in an end-of-year DMD BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition, typically held in the Jorgensen Gallery of Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts. It is a wonderful opportunity for students and their families to celebrate the completion of their UConn degree!


DMD students have access to state-of-the art facilities that assist them in making professional films! Facilities at the Storrs campus include a brand new 784-ft² Film Production Studio, with full lighting grid, green screen wall, and several different colored backdrops. Students also have access to another professional film production studio in Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts and a professional Sound Studio. For finishing films in Storrs, students have access to DMD’s custom designed and built high-powered Cintiq computer lab and editing suites. At the Stamford campus, we have a smaller Film Production Studio, Mac Lab, and a high-end film/sound editing suite. At both campuses, a vast array of professional, high-end film and audio equipment is available for student checkout through our media cages, the Imagination Station and Splash Pad.  Equipment includes:

  • Canon cinema cameras and video camcorders
  • Canon DSLR camera kits with a wide assortment of lenses
  • Sound recording equipment (audio recorders, wide variety of microphones)
  • Tripods, glide gear, dollies, etc.
  • Lighting kits, C-stands, and other lighting gear

Student Clubs / Extracurricular

UConn’s vibrant student clubs are funded through the university system to help empower students to enhance their formal education and build a close community. Learn more about these student clubs:

  • UCTV (UConn Student Television) is the official student-run television station for the University of Connecticut. UCFilm is the branch of UCTV, a student organization of more than 50 members that work together to learn about the filmmaking process and work on their own original productions. 
  • Husky Film & Video Stamford is a student club in Stamford that combines a mix of film appreciation and production workshops imparted by and for students.
  • DesignedBlack is a collective of black digital creatives and artists at UConn.

Our department is always seeking opportunities for our students to share their work through Film Festivals and competitions, such as the UConn Film & Animation Showcase at The Bushnell in Hartford.

UConn DMD also has a partnership with the Connecticut Office of Film, Television, & Digital Media on the statewide initiative, Digital Media CT (DMCT) to help nurture the state’s growing workforce in the industry. Read more about that collaboration here.

Student Work

The Dildilians: A Story of Photography and Survival Created in DMD 3998 "Visual Representations of Armenian Memory"

Dial Back • Master Shot By Dave Cai in DMD 2810 Digital Cinematography 1, taught by Tanju Ozdemir

Trailer for “Late Shift” By Laurel Pehmoeller. M.F.A. thesis film

Pursuit of Pleasure Created in DMD 2810 Digital Cinematography I, taught by Dr. Guerra

String of Lies By Thomas Carter, created in DMD 2810 Digital Cinematography I, taught by Tanju Ozdemir

Cinematography Reel From DMD 2810 Digital Cinematography I.

Is This All There Is? By Michael Farrell in DMD 2810 Digital Cinematography, taught by Dr. Guerra

You Are Not Alone Created in DMD 2810 Digital Cinematography, taught by Dr. Guerra

Spirit of the Sound, Promo video created for Mystic Aquarium in DMD 4040 Agency, taught by Steve Harper.

Dr. Eric Jackson: Civil and Environmental Engineering; Connecticut Transportation Institute Promo video, created in DMD 4040 Agency, taught by Tanju Ozdemir

How to Design Original Characters By Rebecca J. Wright, in DMD 2210 Film & Video Editing 1, taught by Dr. Guerra

BFA Exhibition Spotlight Interview with Carly Zaleski about her DMD 4075 Senior Project experience