Master of Arts

Master of Arts

About This Degree

The Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Media & Design is designed to provide a personalized and customized graduate experience for the student with little or no digital media education or experience. A student will work with his/her advisor to develop their plan of study and their independent studies. The MA provides graduate students with the foundational digital media strategies, skills, and tools to pivot and pursue a career in digital media.
The program is structured to develop a focused understanding of digital media aesthetics, practice, procedure, technology, design, implementation and/or research techniques within a targeted commercial or creative area including: Digital Arts, Business, Digital Humanities/Social Sciences, STEM, and Entertainment.

MA Degree Requirements: The program of study for the MA requires one year of full-time resident graduate study. A minimum of 30 graduate level credits are required to graduate. Of these 30 credits, required courses are: DMD 5001 Digital Media Graduate Colloquium and DMD 5010 Digital Culture. An additional 15 credits are selected from 5000-level DMD common courses, and 6 credits are secondary field courses approved by the student’s major advisor and taken outside the department in a coherent field of study. 3 credits of either DMD 5099 Independent Study or DMD 4081 Internship allow the student to pursue an independent project that demonstrates personal strengths and vision within the candidate’s selected area of study.

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