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Greenhouse Studios Named UConn Spirit Awards Finalist

“Congratulations to the Greenhouse Studios Working Group, which was recognized on March 20, 2018 as a finalist for the 2018 Team Award at a ceremony for the UConn Spirit Awards! The team was one of three finalists, along with the University Events and Conference Services Department and the Team Award recipient, the UConn Hartford Campus staff & administration.”

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2018-19 Whiting Public Engagement Seed Grant given to the Museums and Civic Discourse Project

The project “Museums and Civic Discourse: History, Current Practice, and Future Prospects” has received a 2018-19 Whiting Public Engagement Seed Grant from the Whiting Foundation’s Humanities Program, which supports faculty in the humanities who embrace public engagement as part of the scholarly vocation. The project’s research focuses on the fact that while the 20th century marks museums’ gradual entrée into intentional civic discourse work, there is no critical accounting of this history, no scholarly overview to contextualize and inform current deliberations over future paths that museum work in this area might take.

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Guest Lecturer – Tech Ethicist, David Ryan Polgar – “All Tech Is Human: Improving Social Media to Benefit User Wellbeing & Society”

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
Jaime Homero Arjona (ARJ) building, Room 225

Is social media bad for user wellbeing and society at large? 2017 was the year of a backlash against Silicon Valley for their potential connection with misinformation and tech addiction. David Ryan Polgar has carved a unique career as a tech ethicist, where he explores the impact of social media & tech from ethical, legal, and emotional perspectives. In this lecture, he will take us into a deep dive into the tension between the business interests of Silicon Valley (eyeballs and engagement) and the human interests of users (trustworthy information, increasing happiness). Can’t tech companies profit while also operating to benefit users & society?

Department of Digital Media & Design, Department of Communications, Humanities Institute Digital Humanities and Media Studies

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Stamford DMD Ted Talk Featuring Patrick Pagano

Patrick Pagano uses the multi-disciplinary technological fields of computer science, video, audio, photography and the integration of these primary devices with a digital praxis. Mr. Pagano’s research in the area of digital fine arts has led to the development of a suite of open source tools specifically geared towards hybrid media performance, theatrical projection and electro-acoustic soundscapes. Having produced and appeared on over 50 audio recordings, Mr. Pagano is an accomplished composer & multi-instrumentalist. He has also led workshops on Tibetan & Mongolian overtone singing.

In 2010 Pagano performed “Raga Shree” with Ravi and Anoushka Shankar at the University Center for Performing Arts in Gainesville, Florida. In 2017, Pagano brought his research in VR, WEB APIs and Linux-based arts to the University of Connecticut, Stamford Campus.

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