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Colombian Artist Rafael Gomezbarros Visits Prototype of the AntU Interactive Exhibit

On June 7th, DMD welcomed Colombian artist Rafael Gomezbarros to view the prototype of the AntU interactive exhibit that DMD students helped develop this year in Anna Lindemann and Michael Toomey’s “AntU Traveling Exhibit Development” course. This interactive exhibit exploring the decades-long research of Carl and Marian Rettenmeyer, and the creation of the Army Ant Guest Collection, will be installed at the UConn Storrs Babbidge Library in October 2018 and will then travel to the regional campuses.

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Class of 2032 – Schooling for a Digital Culture

Class of 2032 is a crowdsourcing and documentary project that engages educators, students, and parents in a conversation about the future school experience. This education app helps facilitate a fifty-minute workshop that can serve as part of a lesson or professional development session for teachers.

The project is co-founded by Matthew Worwood, Associate Director of UConn Stamford’s DMD program and Samantha Olschan, former Storrs DMD Assistant Professor.

Contributors include: Joel Salisbury, Nathan Carr, Kate Kormushoff, William Battle, Danielle Brown, Elizabeth Caron, Thomas Lee, Brittney Garth, Michael Rivera Jr, Erik Lindsay, Matthew Bilmes, Kevin Richetelli, Bridget Costa, Aaron Seitz, DJ Rose, Mike Carlson, Evan Field, Doreen Maclellan

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Henry Stein of “Mild Monk”

UConn DMD senior, Henry Stein, recently spoke with us about his experience performing with his band “Mild Monk” at the WHUS Spring Fling. Click the link to read what he has to say!

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DMD Stamford Conclave

UConn Digital Media & Design would like to congratulate the following Stamford students on receiving scholarships at this year’s conclave:

Nina Drozdenko, Daria Yaseva, Danielle Mossa, Jerry Prince, Madeleine Vose, Dana Wachsmuth, Juliana D’Ella, Gerald Dewitt-Smith, Richard Narcisse, Lamar Travis, Maradona Cadet, Kira Traver, Maya Shoshani, Kalia Baker, Ryan Story, Nolan Didio, and Daniel Kamzik

UConn DMD Entrepreneurship Panel

Entrepreneurship is thriving here at DMD! See how three driven and passionate students brought their ideas to life by launching their own unique businesses in this panel-style discussion, moderated by DMD Business Strategies Professor Bill Congdon.

Students Featured:
Olivia Messina (’18) – Runcible Spoon Design
Joey Spagnuolo (’18) – Jambo Joe
Danny Bean (’19) – Collective

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Anna Lindemann – “Musical Organisms”

Professor Lindemann is excited to have had the opportunity to attend the EvoMusArt conference (the International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design) where she was able to present her work on Musical Organisms. She shared her research on a process for generating music inspired by biological development: growing a musical score from a single note.

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Rainbow Center Art Gala Features DMD Senior Will Rios

Congratulations to Digital Media and Design Senior Will Rios whose work is currently on display at the Rainbow Center Art Gala!

“The theme of the Art Gala was centered around intersectionality and focused on the many facets that make up who we are as individuals. The piece that I worked on was a mobile of photographs that showcase my everyday life: what I do, who I’m with, and where I go. I wanted to show people the experiences that make me who I am day to day,” shared Rios.

You can check out his work at the Rainbow Center located on the fourth floor, room 403 in the Student Union. Photo Credit: The Daily Campus

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