Yucheng Hang

Graduate Student

Web and Interactive Media Design | Storrs

Hometown: Yangzhou, China

UConn location: Bishop Graduate Studio 132

M.F.A., 2nd year

Assistantship: Innovation Partnership Building

Education:  B.E. in Digital Media Technology, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2019

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: Motion Design & Animation, Web & Interactive Media Design, Digital Film / Video Production; UI/UX Design Visual Design

As a UX and visual designer, Yucheng Hang focuses on creating digital experiences that positively impact people. She believes in working interdisciplinarily and collaboratively. With a background in graphic design, programming and video production, her strength and passion lies in creating products that not only adopt innovative technologies but also reflect humanity and social care.

Recent Achievements: National China College Students’ Computer Design Competition Awards (2018)
Silver Award of Provincial China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition (2018)
NUPT-NYIT Student Showcase (2017 & 2016)

Fun Fact: Enjoy adventure and trying something new!
Yucheng Hang
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