Matthew Mullin, Encounter

Matthew Mullin

Stoughton, MA

UX/UI Design

Advisor: Joel Salisbury


Implementing UX/UI practices seamlessly to create intuitive interfaces that nurture a more intimate experience for the user is my unwavering mission. I am an advocate for the Agile method and the process of bringing concepts into reality as soon as possible and adding multiple layers of iterations upon them to create high value in a timely fashion. My work is unique in its simplicity, both in visuals and flow. UX/UI has allowed me to create more expansive interactions with my work, and that’s what excites me most. My philosophy toward my craft has always been the same–approach each blank canvas with integrity, but never be afraid to shake things up for the sake of creativity. Styles, tools, and trends come and go like the tides; enjoy each moment, and never compromise innovation.  


Matthew Mullin is a New England-based designer with seven years of industry experience. He received a B.A. in 2014 from Bridgewater State University, majoring in Graphic Design, and is currently pursuing an M.F.A. at the University of Connecticut in Digital Media & Design. Largely working in the nonprofit sector, Mullin’s past work has centered around early childhood education, as well as land and wildlife conservation. In his role with The Trustees of Reservations, Matthew Mullin was the recipient of the Green Light Award for his strong commitment to focus and accountability, and created the marketing materials central to the organizations annual fundraising campaigns. His current work is rooted in UX/UI design, where he has designed a landscape architecture mobile app, a healthy food bus route web app, and an online database of maritime research equipment and services relevant to the undersea technology ecosystem.