Gideon Slife, Ligatour

Gideon Slife

Denver, Colo.

Storrs, Conn.

UI Design

Advisor: Dr. Tom Scheinfeldt 

After teaching Introduction to Typography and Interaction Design at the undergraduate level, I wanted to supplement some of the required readings for those courses with an interactive app. Students often learn better when they can interact with a subject rather than abstract concepts. I found this means giving students a sandbox with constraints is better for learning than giving them a blank canvas like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. My experience with interactive design and storytelling make abstract typography concepts more concrete for students.  


Gideon Slife is a user interface designer and visual artist pursuing a M.F.A. in Digital Media Design at the University of Connecticut. Gideon earned a B.F.A. in Visual Communication from the University of Delaware in 2012 and worked as a front-end web designer for several years. After teaching typography and interactive design at the University of Delaware, Gideon has focused on using his experience as an interface designer to build  interactive tools to learn about art and design. His work now uses digital narrative to teach these concepts and explores the ways interaction design can be used to enhance learning.