Renoj Varghese, Microinteractions in Chatbots (2021), UI Animations

Artist Statement

Microinteractions in Chatbots explores how we can communicate with modern text-based applications. It consists of  a series of animations simulating chatbot interactions that explores the ways people can communicate with text-based applications. Chatbots can be designed with different tasks, contexts, and personalities, but the mode of communication has been similar: sending back-and-forth text messages. The goal of this project is to investigate how different user interface design elements can be used to reflect a chatbot’s context and personality. Microinteractions in Chatbots  showcases examples of different chatbot conversations through animated videos. Each conversation features interface animations that highlight each chatbot’s unique character.. The audience is also encouraged to vote on which personality traits best describe the chatbots through an online poll; this process furthers the dialogue between the audience and the artist. 


Renoj Varghese


Renoj Varghese is a user experience designer. He is from Connecticut, but was born in Kuwait in 1997. He graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media & Design as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Currently, Renoj is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Media & Design at the University of Connecticut with a focus on Web and Interaction Design. He has a strong interest in digital products and how the smaller details of interaction design and visual design can contribute to the overall process of solving a core problem.Renoj approaches his work with a technical mind and creative heart. His background  in user research and computer programming gives him an analytical approach to his design. Renoj focuses on the smaller aspects of design while considering how his work fits into  the broader scope of the user experience.