Matthew Mullin

Graduate Student

Web / Interactive Media Design

Hometown: Stoughton, MA, USA

M.F.A. (2nd Year)

Assistantship: DMD Teaching Assistant teaching:
DMD 1101 Design Lab 1, and DMD 1102 Design Lab 2

Education: B.A. in Graphic Design, minor in Art History, Bridgewater State University, 2014

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: UX/UI Design

Matthew Mullin views himself as a father and husband first. To him, everything else is just icing on the cake.

In 2014, Matthew graduated from Bridgewater State University with a B.A. in Graphic Design, minor in Art History, and then promptly flew half-way across the world for a month-long study tour in Tanzania, Africa. There, he stayed at an orphanage and community center run by former Kansas City Black Panther leaders, Pete and Charlotte O’Neal, and led the instruction of technology and art courses. Upon his return home, he was so inspired by the trip that he left his design job at a local art magazine and became a paraprofessional teacher in an autism classroom at a disadvantaged community elementary school. After a year, he went back to Tanzania to do it all again, and then returned home to work as a designer for a national early-education nonprofit based in Boston, MA. After some time there, Matthew decided he wanted to join the fight for another cause he’s passionate about, wildlife and land conservation, and became a graphic designer for a statewide nonprofit dedicated to protecting Massachusetts’ most valued green spaces. Though most of his experiences have been in the nonprofit sector, what he’s enjoyed most about his past roles has been the intersections with for-profit corporations and bridging the gaps between the two.

Today, Matthew is dedicated to exploring how he can take his visual communication efforts further by adding UX/UI Design practices to his repertoire. As someone who still feels connected to teaching, he also aspires to be a college-level instructor.

Recent Achievements: Green Light Award, The Trustees of Reservations

Industry Experience: Matthew has five years of experience as a graphic designer, most notably with the nonprofit organizations Jumpstart and The Trustees of Reservations.

Fun Fact: When he’s not designing, or chasing his family around, Matthew loves playing his guitar, traveling, and skating in his Sunday night ice hockey league.

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