Lexy Vecchio

Graduate Student

Game Design

Hometown: Tolland, CT, USA

Email: lexy.vecchio@uconn.edu

M.F.A. – 1st Year

Assistantship: Krenicki Arts & Engineering Institute / DMD

Education:  B.A. in Film Studies, Muhlenberg College, 2015

Language(s) Spoken: Italian (conversational), Latin

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: Lexy wants to focus on creating serious video games that go beyond accessibility to explore narratives that are more inclusive, rich and diverse in both storytelling and gameplay.

Lexy is a 1st year M.F.A. candidate and Graduate Assistant with both the DMD Department and the Krenicki Arts & Engineering Institute. Her focus is on creating games with accessible narratives using motion capture, VR and 3D animation. Lexy comes from a diverse art background, having worked in film, theater tech & artistry, in graphic and multimedia arts, and as a professional photographer. She graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Creative Writing.

Industry Experience: Freelance filmmaker and editor since 2015

Director and editor – Curbside Waltz, produced by Black Coffee Productions – NYC (2017)Freelance editor – Scotland Architecture Festival Documentary, produced by Wright Film Co – NYC (2016)

Fun Fact: Lexy was an actor combatant with the Society for American Fight Directors from until 2017, and worked as a fight choreographer for theater for 2 years in New Jersey, teaching (primarily teens) how to do unarmed, knife, and sword fighting on stage without hurting anyone. Working as a choreographer in such a niche area gave her insight into how to utilize flat space for performance, something she hopes to convey into her interactive projects.

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