Lexy Vecchio

M.F.A. - 3rd Year

Game Design / 3D Animation

Hometown: Tolland, CT, USA

UConn location: 119 Bishop Center

Email: lexy.vecchio@uconn.edu 

Website: https://lexyvecchio.wordpress.com/  

M.F.A. – 3rd Year

Assistantship: DMD Teaching Assistant teaching:

DMD 2210 Film & Video Editing 1, DMD 1002 Foundations of Digital Media & Design 2

Education: B.A. in Film, Muhlenberg College, 2015

Language(s) Spoken: Italiano (conversational), Latin

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: Lexy’s focus of research is, in the broad sense, creating interactive media that goes beyond accessibility in order to give often overlooked experiences a voice. Her thesis  project, Here There Be Bears, uses her own experiences to explore Uncomplicated Post Traumatic Stress through a VR escape room-style game. To check out the current state of her project, please see her Thesis Blog here: https://heretherebebears.blogspot.com/

Lex is a 3rd Year M.F.A. Candidate and Instructor of Record at the University of Connecticut. After getting her B.A. in Film at Muhlenberg College in 2015, Lexy spent several years working in theater & film in the NYC area before transferring to digital media back in New England. She currently works as a Graduate Assistant in the Digital Media and Design department, both as an Instructor of Record and Teaching Assistant, as well as previously with the Krenicki Institute of Arts and Engineering as a Research Assistant for the Materials Library. 

Recent Research Achievements:

AbleGamers Foundation APX Certification Grant Nomination & Certification 

Industry Experience:

Freelance Filmmaker and Editor since 2015

Director and Editor – Curbside Waltz prod. Black Coffee Productions – NYC (2017)

Freelance Editor – Scotland Architecture Festival Documentary Wright Film Co – NYC (2016)

Fun Fact: Lexy was an actor combatant with the Society for American Fight Directors until 2017, and worked as a fight choreographer for two years in New Jersey, teaching and choreographing stage fights through unarmed, knife, and sword disciplines. Don’t worry, though! This special training means that she pulls all her punches – safety is top priority after all!

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