John Murphy

Assistant Professor in-Residence

Digital Media Business Strategies | Storrs

Education: MS in Medical Informatics, Northwestern University
MA in Political Science, Providence College

Areas of Research/Artistic Focus:  Social Media Listening & Analytics

Using the latest social & digital media analytics platforms and technologies, John Murphy assists Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, political candidates, advocacy organizations, and individuals with everything from the creation of a digital or social media department to discovering new ways to leverage data for increased productivity.

He translates social and digital media data and analytics into a story and explains how that story can be used to inform overall strategy as well as content creation, engagement, and department structure.

John’s professional passion is creating, leading, and partnering with digital media teams to harness the positive potential of social media. He also practices and teaches yoga, and surfs whenever he can get to the ocean.

John is the founder of UConn DMD’s Social Media Analytics Commands Center (SMACC).

John Murphy
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