Emma Atkinson

Graduate Student

Digital Game Design | Storrs

Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY, USA

UConn location: Bishop Graduate Studio

M.F.A., 2nd year

Assistantship: DMD
Courses Taught: DMD 2010 History of Digital Culture, DMD 2542 Introduction to Game Scripting

Education:  B.S. in Communication and Digital Arts & Sciences, Clarkson University, 2019

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: Relationships, Perspectives, Exploration

Emma Atkinson is an M.F.A. candidate and graduate assistant in Digital Media and Design. She likes to explore the interactive nature of games. Through interactions and animations, Emma focuses on creating narratives as a means for experiences and conversations with the player. Her concentrations are on game art, animation and narrative design.

Recent Achievements: Interactive Zone Exhibitor – Toronto Digifest 2019

Fun Fact: I’m a huge fan of classic films.


Emma Atkinson
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