Dennis Recchia

Assistant Professor in-Residence

3D Animation | Storrs

Education: MFA in Digital Arts, Bowling Green State University
BFA in Illustration, Syracuse University

Dennis Recchia, formerly of DreamWorks Animation, is best known for his lighting, surfacing, and 3D animation credits on award winning films including: HOME, TURBO, RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, PUSS in BOOTS, SHREK FOREVER AFTER, MONSTERS vs. ALIENS: MUTANT PUMPKINS FROM OUTER SPACE (Animated Short), BOB’S BIG BIRTHDAY; (Animated Short), MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, KUNG FU PANDA, BEE MOVIE, FLUSHED AWAY, OVER THE HEDGE, SHARK TALE, MADAGASCAR, SINBAD, SPIRIT, THE ROAD TO ELDORADO, and THE PRINCE OF EGYPT.

Prior to his employment at DreamWorks, Recchia worked at Magnet Interactive Studios in Georgetown, as a computer animator and visual development artist contributing to projects such as Blue Star (PC game), Incredible Idiots in Space (PC game) and various corporate clients.

Dennis holds a MFA in Digital Arts from Bowling Green State University and a BFA from Syracuse University with an emphasis on illustration and visual development. Recchia started his career in New York City as an illustrator, pre-visualization, storyboard and animatic artist for major advertising and entertainment companies, including; Daniel and Charles, BBDO, Kenyon and Eckhart, Benton and Bowles where he worked on accounts such as Pepsi, McDonalds, Merrill Lynch, Bristol Myers Products, Gorton Seafood and Gillette/Schick Products. Recchia’s skills as a visual development artist are what ultimately lead to his career in 3D animation at DreamWorks Animation.

Recchia is a member of the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists Union, Local 839. His full credit list can be found on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and you can reach him via LinkedIn.

Dennis Recchia
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