Danial Ezzati

M.F.A. – 2nd Year

Game Design | Storrs

Hometown: Tehran, Iran
UConn location: 119 Bishop Center

Email: dani49ezzati57@gmail.com  

Linked In: linkedin.com/in/danial-ezzati-9a294515b

M.F.A. – 2nd Year

Assistantship: IPB & Virtual Aleppo

Education: B.E. in Computer Engineering in Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch

Language(s) Spoken: Persian فارسی

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: Game Design, Level Design, Cinematics

Danial’s life is defined by playing amazing, mind-blowing games, reading fantasy books, and watching epic movies, and now by designing computer games. Once a passionate gamer, now Ezzati designs games to narrate stories that he wrote, and he always believes that games and their narratives are like a living experience, not just entertainment. As he played games, it felt like living many lives in fantasy worlds, and now he wants to follow up that dream to design games that let players live in the stories and worlds that he creates, as a wise once said, “by gamers for gamers.”

Fun Fact:  If you are a DOTA 2 or MK pro just ping me ASAP.

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