Claudia Núñez

Graduate Student

Motion Design and Animation | Storrs

Hometown: Lima, Peru

UConn location: Bishop Graduate Studio 132

M.F.A., 2nd year
Assistantship: DMD
Courses Taught: DMD 2200 Motion Graphics I, DMD 1002 Design Lab 2

Education: Licentiate in Audiovisual Communication, Universidad de Lima, Peru, 2018  

B.A. in Audiovisual Communication, Universidad de Lima, Peru, 2015 

Language(s) spoken: Español (Spanish)

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: Illustration, Motion Design & Animation, 2D/3D Animation

Claudia Nunez is an M.F.A. candidate and graduate assistant. Her love for stories and illustration led her to study communication and be able to find the world of animation. She received her BA in Audiovisual Communication at La Universidad de Lima, in Lima, Peru. She has worked in Audiovisual Production Companies and Publicity Agencies.

Claudia wants to make a transmedia TV show for kids, to share the story and its values in all kinds of media platforms. She believes that animation is the best tool for visualizing what is hard to see or understand, and that this is almost a magical property, that is especially important for kids’ shows, because these animations are often their first source of information about the world.

Recent Achievements: Design the art for school supplies with designs licensed by Disney. Vinifan, Lima, Peru 2015.

Industry Experience: Audiovisual Production, Publicity and Graphic Design.

Fun Fact: I have Tarot cards!


Claudia Nunez
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