Christian Romero

M.F.A. – 1st Year

3D Art & Game Design | Storrs

Hometown: Monroe, NY
UConn location: 132 Bishop Center


M.F.A. – 1st Year

Assistantship: Greenhouse Studios

Education: Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Production, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Language(s) Spoken: English, very little Spanish

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: 3D Modeling, Game Art & Design, Worldbuilding, History & Cultural Studies

Christian has long been a fan of video game narratives and history. He was first mesmerized by the potential for video games to tell stories after playing BioShock and Half Life 2. He also has a deep interest in learning different aspects of history and other people’s cultures. As an adult, he is especially fond of Crusader Kings 2 and Fallout: New Vegas because of the myriad ways they tell a story while engaging the player through captivating gameplay.

Christian started his undergraduate journey at Drexel University hoping to learn all he could about the game design process, before realizing he had a real knack for 3D art. Coming to the University of Connecticut, he wishes to learn all he can about 3D art and design, and how to apply that to games with a focus on historical subjects. He is especially interested in working with Greenhouse Studios on their two history-focused games, Courtroom 600 and Charles VR.

Along with game art and history, Christian is also passionate about leftist politics, representation in media, and labor rights. As someone of Irish and Ecuadorian descent, he cares deeply about the plight of marginalized groups, and wishes to both advocate for and help empower them through his work, however he can. Additionally, Christian believes strongly in the necessity of unionization and reforms within the games industry and beyond. He hopes that through his work at UConn, he can put his money where his mouth is and work on projects that promote change and educate others.

Recent Achievements: Published two 3D videos for the history-oriented YouTube Channel Kings & Generals before coming to the University of Connecticut. They can be viewed here and here.

Fun Fact: I can show you a picture of my great-great-grandfather from 1873 in Panama.

Contact Information
Office Location132 Bishop Center