Anna Lindemann

Assistant Professor

Motion Design and Animation | Storrs

Education: MFA in Integrated Electronic Arts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2011
BS in Biology, Yale University, 2009

Language(s) Spoken: Français (French)

Areas of Research/Artistic Focus:  Evo Devo Art, ArtScience, scientific visualization, generative art and music, animation with live performance, narrative forms integrating fiction and scientific research

As both an artist and educator, Anna Lindemann is devoted to integrating art and science. Her work combines animation, music, video, and performance to explore the emerging field of evolutionary developmental biology (Evo Devo). Her Evo Devo Art seeks to uncover narratives within rigorous scientific research, to visualize biological processes in novel ways, to define new artistic creative processes modeled on biological processes, and to examine the human emotion and subjectivity behind scientific research. Professor Lindemann’s work includes the animated shorts BEETLE BLUFFS and ANT SISTERS, and the art science and animation-infused performances THEORY OF FLIGHT and THE COLONY. These and other works have been featured internationally at black box theaters, planetariums, galleries, digital arts conferences, concert halls, biology conferences, film festivals, classrooms from elementary schools to universities, scholarly publications, and natural history museums.

Recent Research Achievements: Awarded a 2019 Artist Fellowship from the Connecticut Office of the Arts, recipient of the 2018 University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts’ Outstanding Research and Creative Practice Award, and selected as the 2020 Ellie Warburg Visiting Artist at the Foote School in New Haven.

Co-director of the three-year UConn Academic Plan Proposal “AntU: How army ants and their guests can inspire synergy across science, fine arts, and the humanities” awarded more than $250,000 in funding to carry out 16 interdisciplinary initiatives.

Evo Devo Art recently featured at such venues as the Imagine Science Film Festival, New York, NY; International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Vancouver, Canada; KLI Institute for Theoretical Biology, Klosterneuburg, Austria; Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS); The State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia; ATLAS Center for Media, Art and Performance, University of Colorado, Boulder; EvoMUSART, Parma, Italy; Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), Troy, NY; FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science, and Technology; SCINEMA International Film Festival, venues across Australia; Guerilla Underground virtual performance series by Guerilla Opera; Istanbul Fringe Festival hybrid festival; the Entertaining Science Series at Cornelia Street Café, New York, NY; Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH; USS Constitution Museum, Boston, MA; MATA Festival, New York, NY; Ho Tung Planetarium and Visualization Lab, Colgate University; Franke Program in the Science and Humanities, Yale University; Museum of the Earth, Ithaca, New York; and the Cantor Film Center, New York, NY.

Writing recently featured in SciArt Magazine, Women in Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture, and Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

SciArt Magazine Women in Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
Anna Lindemann
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