Alyssa McDonald

Graduate Student

Web &

Interactive Media Design

Hometown: Vernon, CT, USA


M.F.A. – 1st Year

Assistantship: Greenhouse Studios

Education:  B.F.A. in Photography, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2016

Area of Research / Artistic Focus: Inclusivity in design

Alyssa McDonald is a first-year M.F.A. candidate at the University of Connecticut in the Digital Media and Design program where she will be concentrating on web and interactive media design. Prior to UConn, she studied photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016.  At the core of all her passions and interests is a desire to authentically tell stories. Her photography centralizes around themes of place and home. She has been photographing the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut for almost ten years.  She hopes to develop her curatorial, project management and artistic vision working with Greenhouse Studios.  Over the course of her two years of studies at UConn, she hopes to develop a project that speaks to her more recent interests in web and interactive media design and UX/UI design.  She envisions her interests in web and interactive media design as being applicable to not only her interests in the arts, but also the healthcare industry.  After a personal health scare where she had a negative experience with the healthcare industry, she is inspired to help others overcome any adversity they may encounter in trying to obtain the healthcare they need.

Recent Achievements:  (Publication) Continuum: A Yoffy Press Triptych featuring Abelardo Morell, Irina Rozovsky and Alyssa McDonald, 2019

Industry Experience: Four years of experience in the fine art photography industry

Fun Fact: Cooking is one of my favorite creative and therapeutic outlets. I enjoy sharing my culinary creations with loved ones. (I think they enjoy it too).

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