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Summer Courses
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DMD Summer 2021 Course Offerings

Due to high demand, DMD courses are typically closed to non-majors. However, summer 2021 courses will be open to all majors on all campuses. Following UConn COVID guidelines, all summer courses are offered via distance learning. Please contact with questions. 

Most courses require the use of a laptop and specific software, including Adobe Creative Cloud. Students are responsible for purchasing the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Cloud for education apps and installing it on their personal computer. UITS offers a discounted rate for UConn students. Please be sure to read the detailed information to see whether or not you need a laptop or specialty software for the course. *All Online Courses require a computer and internet access.

Online/Distance Learning Courses

** All Online Courses require the use of a computer and internet access. Additional requirements listed below.

Summer Session I: June 1 - July 2, 2021

🔧DMD 1101 Design Lab 1 
Summer Session 1: June 1 - July 2, 2021
MoTuWeThFr 9:00am - 12:15pm via (distance learning)
Professor Ting Zhou

Exploration of the creation, manipulation, and reception of digital images through project-based work using image-editing software. Through lecture, discussion, projects and critique, students will develop, refine, and evaluate digital images and understand their artistic, social, and ethical ramifications. In this project-based course, students are introduced to the core principles of digital media design, including color theory, typography, and layout when creating and designing digital graphics, with a particular focus on raster graphics using Adobe Photoshop. Students will also learn visual storytelling rules, offering them the tools to tell visual stories clearly and professionally by designing digital collages, posters, and gif animations. The fundamentals of visual design are discussed in critique to offer clear goals when developing three projects. Students also will learn how to document the design process and construct a public-facing document that presents their process and outcomes. Laptop and Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop subscription required. Required for all Digital Media & Design majors.

🔧DMD 2500 Intro to Digital Game Design
Summer Session 1: June 1 - July 2, 2021, (online / asynchronous)

Professor Ken Thompson

This course provides an introduction to the principles of video game design and development. Students explore the history of the industry, investigate the theory of story, game mechanics and level progression, develop creativity skills that can be applied through an ideation process, and design and develop a video game. (Students with access to a VR headset may elect to do a VR project).  Participation for this course will be conducted in a game-based environment. A personal laptop is required for this course; Access to Adobe Creative Suite preferred but not required. Prerequisites of DMD 1000 and 1030 are waived for summer 2021.  Not open for credit for students who have passed DMD 3522 or 3560.


📕DMD 3305 History of Computer Graphics  (online) 
Summer Session 1: June 1 - July 2, 2021, (online / asynchronous)
Professor Heejoo Kim

This course explores the history of computer-generated imagery (CGI) from its beginnings to present.  Students will learn how CGI started and what problems existed in its infancy. Throughout the course, students will learn what the trends in computer animation, visual effects, motion graphics, UI/UX, computer game, virtual reality, augmented reality, and new media arts are and where they are headed in the future. In addition to a final project / paper, there will be readings, screenings, and discussions of contemporary and historical works, and critiques and discussions of student projects.

** Note: the 2019-20 DMD BFA plans of study require three art/film/design history/theory courses, and the BA plans of study require one, which this course fulfills.


Extended Summer Session 1: June 1 - July 9, 2021

📕DMD 2010: History of Digital Culture (online) 
Extended Summer Session 1: June 1 - July 9, (online / asynchronous)
Professor Matthew Worwood

This course will examine key episodes in the history of digital technology and digital media from the perspective of the values that (are said to?) adhere to digital culture, particularly as manifested on the web. In doing so, we will learn to view these technologies critically, as historical, cultural, human constructions that impact social systems in society. We will learn to be critical consumers and producers of digital media and to question received understandings of the role of technology in our public and private lives.  Required for all Digital Media & Design majors. Counts toward Content Area 1 and 3 of a student’s general education requirements.