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Diverse Perspectives Series
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Invisible Asians: How Underrepresentation Creates Otherization and Fuels Hate

Aalok Kanani, Chief Digital and Communications Officer for the Asia Society
Monday, February 27, 2023, 5:30 PM EST
via YouTube Live

Co-hosted by Associate Professor Clarissa Ceglio, and Digital Media Business Strategies students Mari Sachs and Caleb Eastman


Watch the Recording of the Event:

Asians have historically been underrepresented, or worse harmfully misrepresented, in western media across film, TV, and other media. This trend continues today and across social media, which makes up a growing share of our content consumption and along with it how people view other groups, particularly ethnic and racial groups they’re unfamiliar with. As we shift to digital platforms and content, what are the life and death consequences of representation for Asians, and how are Asian content creators and aggregators fighting back?


About the Speaker:

Aalok Kanani is the Chief Digital and Communications Officer at the Asia Society, a global non-profit headquartered in NYC. Previously he’s held senior digital and marketing roles on the Biden-Harris general election campaign, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s primary campaign, in the Obama administration, and at the United Nations, and has also worked in the private sector at Lyft, at startups in the US and India, and as a public strategy consultant.  Learn more about Aalok and his work here: https://asiasociety.org/asia-society-announces-appointment-aalok-kanani-its-first-chief-digital-and-communications-officer


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