Diverse Perspectives Series

Diverse Perspectives Series
Steve Jennings

Gaining Focus to Overcome Invisible Differences

Steve Jennings, Animator, Director and Educator, Clemson University
Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, 5:30 PM EST
via YouTube Live

Co-hosted by Associate Professor Clarissa Ceglio, and Digital Media and Design Students Amir Sumani, Jamaile Hall, and Bryan Labady

Steve Jennings explores his personal journey through education and the entertainment industry as a neurodivergent artist, and his mission to increase artistic opportunities for underrepresented and often unseen creatives in the field of animation.


About the Speaker:

With 30 years of entertainment experience, Steve Jennings has navigated the complexities of the industry with a unique perspective shaped by his journey as a neurodivergent individual. Jennings gained experience at companies like Digital Domain, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Cartoon Network. Through his former studio Grasshorse, his passion for creating animation aligned with creating affordable and accessible education for those who are neurodivergent and/or from rural and lower-income communities. This led Jennings to host over 10 years of internships and design the animation curriculum for Southeastern Community College’s Animation for Film, Television, & New Media Program in Burlington, Iowa. Jennings is currently developing his teaching and artistic practice at Clemson University’s Digital Production Arts Program in Charleston, South Carolina.

He considers himself fortunate to contribute positively to society by advocating for personal, social, and environmental health. Transitioning from a service-oriented approach to creating more personal work has invigorated Jennings with a fresh challenge.

Rejecting simplistic dichotomies, Jennings embraces the spectrum of human experience and aims to cultivate compassion through his art. He hopes his work not only entertains but also serves as a beacon of healing and understanding for those navigating their own paths toward wholeness.


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