Digital Media Business Strategies

Digital Media Business Strategies


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Plan of Study: 2019-20 Plan of Study

The purpose of the Digital Media Business Strategies concentration is to prepare students to be able to engage in analysis, strategic thinking and the development of digital media marketing plans and assets for companies, public institutions, and non-profits organizations.  Emphasis is placed on understanding how digital media technology has affected consumer behavior and how companies and organizations are integrating digital media into their operations. Students explore and learn to apply concepts like digital branding, social media, content marketing, online advertising, digital consumer behavior, and digital analytics.
The concentration is experiential by design, providing students with the opportunities to work and interact with professionals, managers, administrators, and small business owners, helping them with their real-world digital marketing challenges. Classes are designed to combine theoretical learning, case study analysis and “hands-on” project work producing digital content. Students are encouraged to collaborate to problem solve and develop creative solutions for business challenges.

The Digital Media Business Strategies concentration focuses on the integration of digital media into companies’ and organizations’ business model. The concentration takes a 3-step approach:

  1. The analysis of digital consumers, the latest and cutting edge digital media marketing trends, and how companies and organizations are using digital media.
  2. The development of comprehensive digital media strategies and plans.
  3. The design and creation of digital media assets (websites, marketing communications content, videos, social media, public relations content, and content marketing) as tactics for strategies and plans. Students have the opportunity to work and interact with professionals, managers and small business owners, helping them with their challenges, planning and creation of marketing tactics.
All classes are designed as a combination of theoretical learning, case study analysis, and “real world/hands-on” project work. Students are encouraged to problem solve and develop creative solutions to business challenges. Students work in teams of 4-6, which encourages collaboration, analysis, and the successful creation of needed digital media assets. The inclusion of this last element, digital media asset creation, uniquely sets the Digital Media Business Strategies concentration apart from traditional School of Business Marketing departments and allows students to experience and test their design and creation skills.

Digital Media & Design graduates with a concentration in Digital Media Business Strategies have the training to pursue successful careers in marketing, advertising, social media, content strategy and development, brand management, data analysis, media, public relations, and project management.


Digital Media Strategies for Business I

DMD 2700

Introduction to digital media concepts and platforms that are being used in companies’ marketing strategies and plans.

Social Media Business Applications

DMD 2710

Introduction to social media marketing, focusing on the platforms and strategies being employed by brands.

Digital Media Analytics

DMD 3720

Provides a working knowledge of the array of metrics and analytics needed to understand the digital consumer and measure the effectiveness of digital media marketing.

Digital Consumer Behavior

DMD 3730

Explores and analyzes the changes in consumer decision-making and behavior in today’s digital world.

Digital Sports and Entertainment Studio

DMD 3740

The digital marketing landscape in sports and entertainment, including changes in the production, marketing, distribution, and consumption of sports and entertainment media properties.