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Stamford is an exciting place to live, learn, work, and play, with over 400 restaurants, bars, and entertainment/arts venues. Easy transportation to New York City makes this a prime location for young adults, and access to onsite paid internships and weekend jobs is an attractive option for students looking to offset the investment in their education. Digital Media & Design students continue to secure placements during the semester at local design agencies, as well as leading digital companies such as NBC Sports, NBC Universal, and WWE. Furthermore, a growing tech community has given rise to Innovate Stamford, the Stamford Global Game Jam, industry conferences, and other hackathon and Maker Faire type events. These opportunities provide a unique chance for our students to engage in extra-curricular activities where they can network, ideate, and create alongside professionals in and around the Stamford area.

Student residential housing is now offered at UConn Stamford, located just two blocks from the main campus at 900 Washington Boulevard. As the campus continues to experience rapid growth, plans to extend housing options are already underway.

For those students who wish to commute, the Metro-North Railroad connects our campus community to New York City and New Haven, CT and everywhere in between! With easy access throughout Fairfield County, taking the train provides a flexible option for students looking to maximize an extra hour during the day to catch-up on emails, finish a paper, complete a reading assignment, or just unwind after a long day. In addition, UConn students receive the U-Pass CT, which allows students to ride buses and trains in Connecticut without having to pay a fare!
Below is a list of towns that offer direct service to the Stamford train station. Commuters then have the option of a 12-minute walk or 4-minute shuttle bus ride to campus.
  • Greenwich to Stamford (D): Approx. 16 mins
  • Norwalk to Stamford: Approx. 12 mins
  • Bridgeport to Stamford: Approx. 35 mins
  • Milford to Stamford: Approx. 48 mins
  • New Haven to Stamford: Approx. 1 hr
  • Danbury to Stamford: Approx. 1 hr


With about 100 DMD BFA and BA majors, Stamford is a great community with fantastic activities for students. Due to our strategic location in the heart of the city, professional, paid internships are readily available for our DMD majors. In addition to internships, major corporations located in Stamford are expanding their Digital Media workforce and a variety of small and mid-sized agencies actively seek students skilled in Digital Media & Design. Additionally, DMD frequently invites industry professionals to speak and network with students.
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Digital Media & Design Department (Stamford)
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