Internships are an important and life-changing component of a holistic educational experience. The Digital Media & Design program is committed to the value of internships and encourages students to pursue internships  throughout their career at UConn. In fulfillment of this commitment, we seek out corporate relationships to provide paid internships for interested students during the academic year and/or the summer. The goal of these internships is to place students in fast-paced, dynamic corporate environments to experience being part of a company’s team. Firms have the opportunity to meet and “try-out” students to whom they may make future job offers. This is clearly a win-win scenario for all involved and sets the DMD program at UCONN apart from others.

DMD Students Selected for Valuable Internships 2015/2016: 

UConn DMD students have been busy gaining experience and crafting their digital media skills in real world experiences. Our congratulations to all our students who have participated or are currently participating in an internship:

  1. Tyler Shuster – Disney ABC Network Design Department intern, Burbank, CA
  1. Kate Kormushoff – Fresh Digital Group intern, New York, NY
  1. Robin Simon, Social media intern, Horizon Media, New York, NY
  1. Cindy Recinos, shot selector and shot logger, NBC Sports 2016 Rio Olympics, Stamford, CT
  1. Fernando Marinho, NBC Sports Group, 2016 Rio Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  1. Roy Skinner, freelance runner, NBC Sports Group, 2016 Rio Olympics, Stamford CT
  1. Tim Morris, web development, University of Connecticut Communications, Storrs, CT
  1. Michelle Gaynor interned for Professors Tom Scheinfeldt, Clarissa Ceglio and Joel Salisbury on the
  1. Ryan Freeland, 3D Instructor for IDTech at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
  1. Henry Stein –video production team intern, Adobe, San Jose, CA
  1. Patrick Belanger, video game programming, Beamer, LLC, East Hartford, CT
  1. Matt Rasey, 3D Game Artist, Beamer, LLC, East Hartford, CT
  1. Tim Henning, Beamer, LLC, 3D game artist, East Hartford, CT
  1. Aaron Seitz, digital media intern, The Primacy Group, Farmington, CT
  1. Michelle Marquis, digital marketing intern, Hearst Magazines, New York, NY
  1. Ali Butera, social listening intern, Cigna, Bloomfield, CT
  1. Brianna Ricciardone, social listening intern, Cigna, Bloomfield, CT
  1. Rebecca Niland, project management intern, Cigna, Bloomfield, CT
  1. Kate Bengston, video editor, Patient Wisdom, Farmington, CT
  1. Matthew Mendonca, account intern, Cronin and Company Hartford, CT
  1. Lauren Pfahler, digital media intern, Deusch Advertising NY, New York, NY
  1. Bridget Costa, social media intern, Gilbert J. Costa Insurance Agency, New Beford, MA
  1. Rachael Quimby, forge media intern, Spark Media Project, Poughkeepsie, NY
  1. Michael Ell, marketing intern, Masonicare, Wallingford, CT
  1. Rachel Sarnie, content marketing intern, Norbella Media, Boston, MA
  1. Mai Walters, data visualization/web design intern, Pfizer, Groton, CT
  1. Grace Colonia-Hughes, marketing assistant, Structural Graphics, Essex, CT
  1. Matthew Bilmes – reSET Social Enterprise Trust, Hartford, CT
  1. Sam Baden – Bodega Studios, New York, NY
  1. Nicolas Panasci – UConn CETL Summer/Winter programs, Storrs, CT
  1. Nina Constable – Preferred Utilities, Danbury, CT
  1. Hunter Young – Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT
  1. Olivia Messina – Cigna TECDP program, Bloomfield, CT
  1. Michelle Gaynor – HJ Baker, Shelton, CT
  1. Rachael Berry – U.S. Green Building Council (non-profit), UCONN, Storrs, CT
  1. Case Polen – intern, Cigna, Bloomfield, CT
  1. Carlota Charles – intern, Cigna, Bloomfield, CT
  1. Nicole Harvey – Tru Marketing & Events intern, Madison, CT
  1. Michaela Carey – Travelers Insurance intern, Hartford, CT
  1. Christian Phillips – Lighthouse Media Solutions, Hyannis, MA
  1. Abbey Ratafia – Build your Firm, Madison, CT & Broadway Video, New York, NY
  1. Mary Sirois, graphic design intern, Drew Berman Network Marketing, , CT
  1. Hunter Young, multimedia services intern, Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT
  1. Joey Spagnuolo, sales intern, Eighty6, Rutherford, NJ
  1. Cody Hendrickson, marketing assistant, Carlyle Johnson Machine Co., Bolton, CT
  1. Sam Mairson, American Antiquarian Society intern, Worcester, MA
  1. Schultz Benjamin, Media Logic Internship
  1. Bridget Smith, Smart Coos – Graphic Illustrator Internship & Stamford Public Education Foundation Marketing Intern


Stamford Students

  1. Ashley Gonzalez, Inspira Marketing Group intern, South Norwalk, CT
  1. Larissa Velasco – intern, WWE Corp., Stamford, CT
  1. Carina Monheim – Qnary (Social Media promotion) intern, New York, NY
  1. Joshua Buffaloe – Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT
  1. Chance Clarke – Ferguson Library (running the “Makerspace”), Stamford, CT
  1. Ben Greenfield – tenthavenue intern, New York, NY
  1. Casandra Urban – NASA intern, San Jose, California
  1. Fernando Marinho – NBC Sports Group intern, Stamford, CT
  1. Nathan Nandagopal – NBC Sports Group intern, Stamford, CT
  1. Annley Nirschel – NBC Universal intern, Stamford, CT