Online Graduate Certificate

Digital Media Online: A 12-credit online graduate certificate program for professionals or those with a desire to pivot to a career in Digital Media

The widespread use and evolution of digital technology has changed many aspects of the working world. To keep pace, companies are moving all aspects of their business functions and communications from the analog to the digital space. This shift has led to a nationwide increase in demand for skilled graduates of digital media and design programs. The goal of this part-time online graduate certificate program is to equip individuals with skills in digital applications for business and the expertise to optimize strategic and creative marketing functions in a digital world.

Learn how Digital Media and Design can elevate you to the next level

UConn’s Digital Media and Design Online Graduate Certificate is designed for graduates from programs in Communications, Social Sciences, Marketing, Business, Engineering, Sciences, the Arts and other related disciplines interested in expanding their skills to include digital capabilities. It is also geared toward current Marketing Managers, Media Directors, Information Graphics Managers, and Web Development Directors who would like a deeper facility and understanding of the digital space.

If you are feeling limited by your current skill sets and would like to pivot your career from analog to digital – this certificate is for you

The Digital Media and Design online certificate will help students to:

  • Develop proficiency with the concepts and tools for business, web design, motion graphics, animation, and video games.
  • Develop an understanding of digital consumer behavior, website and video strategies, content marketing, social media, and email programs.
  • Engage in the analysis of digital and social media, and digital advertising through the use of digital analytics.
  • Practice and develop critical skills in evaluation of digital media strategy, tactics, and implementation plans.
  • Produce strong, effective motion graphics, animations, video games, and websites.
  • Understand the processes necessary to work collaboratively in the virtual space.