Helena Sirken

2D Animation Senior

Helena is a senior 2D Animation concentration. She is passionate about blending art, science and technology in visually exciting ways. The Digital Media & Design program has helped her explore the intersection of these fields through various classes like Scientific Visualization and other collaborative projects for Ant U and Boston Children’s Hospital.

Starting off freshman year, Helena started developing her technical skills through the class, Motion Graphics I. From there, she was able to use the knowledge she gained during her internship at Franklin Hospital where she developed motion graphics for patient education and external communications. Simultaneously, she started working on a team to create graphics for the 20 foot interactive screen at Boston Children’s Hospital. She participated on the team to brainstorm and develop assets for one of the interactive scene.

Like the Boston Children’s Hospital project, she further refined her collaboration, technical and design skills through “real world” group projects. In Scientific Visualization, the class worked in collaboration with the fine arts and biology departments to visualize technical scientific concepts to help the students in BIO 1107 understand abstract ideas. Through this class she worked with a fine arts illustration student to visualize research findings of a molecular assay of RNA transcription leveraging each of their advanced skillsets.

Helena also had the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History, EEB faculty and DMD students on the Ant U exhibition to display the Rettenmeyer’s  lifetime work of studying ants in Central America. She developed photo realistic digital assets for the interactive learning exhibit and illustrated life-size renditions of Carl and Marian Rettenmeyer. This project challenged her illustration skills and understanding of digital program techniques since it was such a large scale project. Ultimately, the extensive hours and multiple renditions of work made this a truly memorable experience and impressive portfolio piece going forward.

To learn more about Helena or to check out her work, visit her social media links below:
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Helena Sirken
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