Hanna Marchini

Web Design and Development Senior

Hanna is a senior Web Design and Development concentration who found her passions in UX/ UI, web and graphic design through the Digital Media and Design program. She came into the program without development skills or how her skill set could become a career. Since then she has interned (and accepted a full-time position post graduation) at Cigna where she has been developing an app that focuses on women’s health alongside another intern who is focused on the development aspect. Together, they designed and built a proof-of-concept app that was demoed and presented at the Grace Hopper Celebration, the world’s biggest women’s tech conference.

In the classroom, Hanna is constantly exploring concepts and finding new ways to mindfully use design thinking to solve problems. One of the classes that has influenced her learning the most was Interaction Design. In this course, she was taught various skills and theories that she has been able to use while working as a UX/UI designer, on personal projects or more generally in analyzing experiences in the real world. Hanna was also selected to participate in the Digital Experience Lab, a project based research class that explores how user experience design can produce useful software products, internet-connected devices, and best practices in the interactive design space. This gave her the opportunity to explore different formats of UX/UI design on large and multi-screen displays in a collaborative environment.

She also has participated in many other projects including serving as the Branding and Implementation and Design Chair for SUBOG (Student Union Board of Governors) where she monitors the use of the SUBOG logo in designs to make sure it remains on brand, as well as designing layouts for STEMTalk, an on-campus publication. On top of those experiences in clubs and at Cigna, she has also had other design related jobs. “Each experience has taught me the importance of time management, but also the benefits of getting involved and putting your name out there.”

To learn more about Hanna or to check out her work, visit her social media links below:
Instagram and Twitter: @hanmarchini
Websites: Behance  | Vimeo
Hanna Marchini
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