Bridget Sweeney

Digital Culture, Learning, & Advocacy Sophomore

Bridget is a sophomore with a concentration in Digital Culture, Learning, & Advocacy. Currently she is working on a collaborative project to transcribe diaries from the Dodd Center and develop an interactive timeline web page that parallels the diary entries to events occurring at the same time in WWII history. She explains that a big influence in her life and education is being able to learn from the experienced Digital Media and Design professors who offer “real world” advice and experiences to help her explore different opportunities within or related to the digital media field. Specifically, one of the classes that has helped her the most is Digital Foundations. This class, required for all Digital Media and Design freshman, allows students to explore the fundamentals of digital design across all of the various focus areas.

Outside of class, she uses the skills she has learned in this program at her internship at Adion Financial Group in Glastonbury, CT and when working on a HuskyTHON committee to design various merchandise to sell in order to raise money for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. On Campus, Bridget is also a member of  Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, UConn Red Cross, Ski/Snowboard club, Eco Huskies, and a morale captain for HuskyTHON 2019.

To learn more about Bridget or to check out her work, visit her social media links below:

Twitter: @bridgetsweeneyy
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