Andreea Rotaru-Barac

Game Design Senior

Andreea is currently a senior Game Design concentration. The Digital Media and Design program has helped her develop her skills and pushed her to learn how to balance her relationships and life.

Within the program she credits Design Thinking as one of the most influential classes she has taken. This class helped her to learn the importance of failure in growing as an artist and ideator. Overall this class among the rest of her course work has taught her new software and useful techniques that helped give her a head-start on gaining relevant job experiences and internships.

One piece of advice she offers is to “focus on building yourself (learn important soft skills and financial literacy), loving others (be curious and interested in people, have their best interests at heart, practice servant leadership), and to find a mentor who has the results you want in life (successful marriage, successful finances, etc.).”

To learn more about Andreea or to check out her work, visit her social media links below:
Andreea Rotaru-Barac
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