Ali Sailer

Motion Design & Animation Senior

Ali Sailer is currently a senior who focuses in Motion Design & Animation Although she came into the program with a love for graphic design and traditional art, she says that the department has helped her find other passions in motion graphics, video, working with clients, and most importantly, has helped her figure out the kind of artist she wants to be. Through some of the classes offered by the Digital Media & Design department such as Scientific Visualization and Student Agency, she has had the opportunity to work with multiple clients. In her own words “I would highly recommend taking classes that allow you to work with real clients who need your expertise, although it is a lot of work, it is very rewarding to get to see your work come to life and to see how much other people enjoy it.”

Through the Digital Media & Design department, Ali also was hand selected for a course called Ant U, where students created visuals for The Legacy of a Lifetime of Collection: The Carl & Marian Rettenmeyer Story exhibition which displayed the Rettenmeyer’s lifetime of work studying ants in Central America. Ali worked collaboratively to develop the vials timeline portion of the exhibition. What she found most exciting about this project was being able to not only focus on the Rettenmeyer’s research but also, their lifetime achievements as a whole.

Outside of the classroom, Ali serves as the Vice President and Social Media Manager for the UConn Ski Team where she is able to combine her passion of the sport with her digital media skills (photography, videography, design) to help promote the team.

To learn more about Ali or to check out her work, visit her social media links below:
Instagram: @absailer
Twitter: @SailerAli
Ali Sailer
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