Established in September 2014, Beachball is a student-run digital agency, learning accelerator program, and experiential learning incubator within the UConn Digital Media & Design program at Stamford.  Student Agency – the course – is the culmination of the UConn DMD curriculum.  Students work on a variety of real-world projects from diverse industry clients to further develop and apply their creative, technical, and strategic skills.

UConn students manage projects from concept to execution and interface directly with real–world businesses and professionals within the Stamford community and beyond.  Learning and doing are one and the same in this “classroom”.  Enhance your skills, strengthen your portfolio and expand your network.  Enrollment in this class is intended for Juniors and Seniors and special permission is required for admittance.  To inquire, please contact Katie Huntington, at

Latest Work

Device42 Promotional Video

Device42, a data center Management Company located in New Haven, needed help simplifying their product and the problem it solved. They called on Beachball, the student-advertising agency at the Stamford campus, to create a video that explained the sophisticated software in a clear and concise manner while highlighting its benefits.

Beachball scripted and created a 2D animated video centered around specific core values of the software. Not only does the video achieve its intended purpose, but it is fun, simple and engaging.

Client: Device42, Jacques Wagemaker – VP of Marketing

Client Description: 

Leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), delivering low cost, high value solutions that enable organziations to quickly, easily, and effectively manage their complex IT infrastructures.


Create a video asset that communicates the problem and pains of the target audience, identifies Device42 as the solution to this pain, features the product benefits, and closes with a call to action to further engage with the brand. 

Client Response:

“The team did a great job on this and everyone at Device42 was pleased as well. Your responses were timely and your attention to detail was also excellent. The creative approach you took was also appreciated by all here – an accomplishment considering the number of computer geeks we have!”