Learning Accelerator Program

Experiential learning is the cornerstone of this class with students collaborating with external clients on real-world challenges in Marketing, Advertising, Branding and Social Media projects. Students will explore the principles of brand platform activation through research, SWOT analysis, the development of strategy’s built around: Goals, Vision, Brand Promise, Proofs, Brand Personality, and Brand Values. With these tools in hand, students will engage in real-world projects working next to professionals from numerous sectors of the commercial space to create and disseminate digital media campaigns, media segments and social media streams in support of the Agency’s clients.

Student Objectives

  • To achieve familiarity with the principles, terminology, procedures, and practices of digital advertising, branding, marketing and social media design and digital production;
  • To demonstrate this knowledge through the ideation and production of digital media strategies and implementation plans for real-time use in the marketplace.

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