The AgencyX team is composed of a group of hand-picked, highly accomplished, upper level students who are passionate about digital and social media marketing.

The agency combines the best students from the Stamford and Storrs campuses, charging them with the task of running the UConn DMD advertising and marketing campaigns that speak to prospective and incoming freshmen students. 

In their role as DMD’s agency of record, they deal with real life budgets, social media streams, tight deadlines, the development of strategies and tactics, and the development and production of high-quality digital content representing a student’s journey through the DMD program. They then follow with SEO (search engine optimization) to fine-tune our web and social media presence and messaging. 

One might ask, why do we allow students to manage such an important and outward facing aspect of our promotional program? Well, who knows our school, culture and program better than our students!

We think they do a terrific job showcasing all the wonderful work and partnerships that reside within the walls of the DMD program at UConn. What do you think?

AgencyX Work

The Magic of Motion Capture (Recruitment Video)

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2015 Student Work Video

#SoDMD: Robin’s Story