Undergraduate degrees in Digital Media & Design take one of two forms: A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. Both of these degree programs provide a foundational understanding of and facility with a broad spectrum of Digital Media & Design skills and applications.

The common choices for Areas of Concentration for both the BA and BFA are: Digital Media Strategies for Business, Digital Humanities, Motion Graphics, Animation, 2D/3D Visualization, Game Design & Mechanics and Web Design and Development. A field study/external internship or Senior project is due in the final semester.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

While their core requirements are virtually identical; the difference between the two degrees is that the BFA is viewed as a professional education degree in the visual arts. The BFA contains additional requirements of familiarity and accomplishment with “artistic making disciplines.” The additional emphasis on art making facilitates a student’s ability to produce and implement visual communications strategies and artifacts, which is not as strongly emphasized in the BA.

Bachelor of Arts

The BA curriculum allows more flexibility for a student to combine individual concentrations in Digital Media & Design with courses offered in the Schools of Engineering, Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Visit the concentrations page to learn more about the 6 plans of study this degree offers.