Web Design & Development

1070. Fundamentals of Web Design (Introduction)
We engage with media through the Internet everyday but seldom do we consider how the content that populates the various sites we visit is conceived, produced, coded and managed. This course will provide a foundational introduction to Web Design ideation, aesthetics, construction and operation. Student objectives for this course will be to achieve a basic understanding of HTML markup and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for the construction of a web site while exploring the ideation, design and page development of page design with an emphasis on aesthetics and usability. At the conclusion of this course you should be better prepared to develop, launch and maintain a basic web site.

3035. Interaction Design
Three credits.  Two 1.5 hour lectures.  Prerequisites: DMD1000, DMD1030 and instructor consent.
Students in this class are challenged to create a unique or refined interface within the context of websites or computer software. Students collaborate to develop a new interaction model using the foundations of usability and interaction. We examine various usability aspects of interaction to give a broad overview of critical topics within cultural requirements of interfaces, interface design, and evaluation.

3440. Introduction to Mobile Application Development
Three credits.  Two 1.5-hour lecture/studio sessions.  Prerequisites: DMD1000, DMD1070 and instructor consent.
Through lecture and hands on exercises, students will be introduced to the processes, technologies, and environment of mobile applications.  Emphasis will be on building simple android applications with the MIT App Inventor to gain introductory knowledge of programming concepts and design.  Students will also be introduced to the Android SDK and development tools to prepare them for study in advanced Application development courses.

3470. Advanced Web Design & Development
Three credits.  Two 3-hour studio sessions.  Prerequisites: DMD1000, DMD1070, and instructor consent.
Intermediate and advanced exploration into the techniques and modern methodologies involved in the creation and maintenance of websites and web applications.

3475. Scripting for the Web
Three credits. Two 1½-hour classes per week.
Introduces the principles of scripting and the application of scripting techniques to web-based projects

4470. Web 3: Expert Topics in Web Development
Three credits. Two 1½-hour classes per week.
Expert topics in web design and development, including intensive instruction and hands-on development with databases and server-side programming to build web applications