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Storrs is a town-within-a-town, and there’s plenty here to make you feel at home. A diverse community, countless activities and forms of entertainment, and UConn Husky sporting events are just the tip of the iceberg. In the DMD program, we often work together so closely that we consider each other family. Our building is also just a few short steps from Downtown Storrs, a new and exciting part of Storrs. There are endless possibilities for exploration in and around our campus. Through our program or within one of the many outside activities provided by the University, rest assured that you will find an incredible home away from home.


Most everything on Storrs campus is within a walkable distance, but busses are provided and make regular rounds whenever classes are in session. Visit

There are also parking spaces available in various garages/lots for purchase during the academic year. Visit

Looking for a weekend getaway? Visit the Mansfield Transportation Center for information about upcoming bus trips!


Like any other UConn student, majors in the Digital Media and Design program have the option to participate in a study abroad program and receive graded credit for their participation. Faculty-led programs range in duration and can take place during a semester, winter intersession, or summer session. UConn operates study abroad programs in London, Paris, Granada, and Cape Town, and runs short-term programs in various locations around the world. We can also work to find the right solution for you.

The UConn study abroad program is a great way to see the world, while completing your studies.


Traditional residence halls, apartments, and suites provide a variety of options for students who live on campus. UConn offers cable TV, high-speed internet, volleyball courts, game rooms, study lounges. Our Learning Communities and Special Interest housing, including an Arts Learning Community, provide the opportunity to live with friends who share your interests, lifestyle, or commitment to a major.

Off campus housing is also available and a great option for those seeking an alternative. For more information, visit
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Student Stories


  storrs-student-kat “I originally wanted to be an Environmental Studies major. But I didn’t get in. So I came to Stamford, and my whole perspective changed. I realized I should be doing something more relative to my life; something that allowed me to express myself. Three years later and I have found myself interning at NBC Sports. Seeing my stuff air on TV is one of the most fulfilling things."


storrs-student-rebecca "I've always had a passion for art, but knew I didn't want to go to a traditional art school. When I discovered the Digital Media program at UConn, I was really intrigued by the combination of design, technology, and business that the major provided. I've loved the program since day one, and am constantly discovering new aspects of digital media that really interest me.”


storrs-student-nathan “I’m constantly thinking of new ideas. I love to come up with ways to fix old problems with new technology. I chose to be in the Digital Media and Design program because I feel Digital Media is the only major in which I can learn, experiment and actually enjoy expressing my creative side. When I graduate, I believe I will have acquired all the tools I need to be the founder and CEO of my own digital product.”


storrs-student-robin “The Digital Media and Design department at UConn has already afforded me so many unique opportunities even though I stand only as a third semester student. Spring semester of my freshman year I had the privilege of working on the creative and technical development of a potential Broadway show. The entire experience was nothing short of mind boggling, being so young and in such a high stakes role. Through this internship I was able to meet some of the most talented people I've ever met that left me inspired to keep pushing myself and made me set the bar for myself at an extremely high level.”
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Storrs Labs

We are located in the Bishop Center on Storrs campus where we host state of the art facilities including: 3 computer labs, a Cintiq lab, a professional quality green screen set-up, video production space and a fully equipped digital audio recording studio. We also have a complete, state-of-the-art Motion Capture system, 3D video projection system. Within the Innovation Station which is manned by our upper level students we allow students to sign-out 4K cameras, ENG cameras, numerous Canon 5D cameras, 3D mapping cameras, LED and conventional lighting, audio recording systems and more. We believe that in order for our students to succeed in the real world, they should have access and experience with industry standard tools. The DMD program also provides Adobe Creative Cloud Software free to all DMD students.
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Contact Storrs DMD


Stacy Webb - Administrator and Chief Information Officer

Digital Media & Design Department (Storrs)

School of Fine Arts


University Of Connecticut