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Stamford is an exciting place to live, learn, work, and play – with over 400 restaurants, bars, and entertainment or arts venues. Easy transportation to New York City makes this a prime location for young adults, and access to onsite paid internships or weekend jobs is an attractive option for students looking to offset the investment in their education. Digital Media and Design students have secured internships at local design agencies, as well as leading digital companies such as NBC Sports, NBC Universal and WWE. In addition, a growing tech community has given rise to the Stamford Innovation Center, the Stamford Global Game Jam, and other hackathon and maker fair events, which allow students to ideate and create alongside industry professionals and students from other education institutions in and around the Stamford area.


Metro-North Railroad connects our campus community, to New Haven and New York City. With easy access throughout Fairfield County, taking the train provides a flexible option for students looking to maximize that extra hour or two in the day. Catch-up on emails, finish that paper, complete a reading assignment, or just unwind after a long day. Below is a list of towns that offer direct service to the Stamford train station. Commuters then have the option of a 12-minute walk or 4-minute shuttle bus ride to campus.
  • Greenwich to Stamford (D): Approx. 16 mins
  • Norwalk to Stamford: Approx. 12 mins
  • Bridgeport to Stamford: Approx. 35 mins
  • Milford to Stamford: Approx. 48 mins
  • New Haven to Stamford: Approx. 1 hr
  • Danbury to Stamford: Approx. 1 hr


Digital Media and Design students have the option to participate in UConn’s study abroad programs and receive graded credit for their participation. Faculty-led programs range in duration and can take place during a semester, winter intersession, or summer session. UConn operates study abroad programs in London, Paris, Granada, and Cape Town, and runs short-term programs in various locations around the world. The UConn study abroad program is a great way to see the world while completing your studies. DMD Students have already travelled to Germany, South Africa, and London, as part of their learning experience at UConn Stamford.


There are many great things happening at UConn Stamford and we’re excited to expand and strengthen our University community with the opening of student residential housing that will be located 2 blocks from the main campus at 900 Washington Boulevard. The University has created an initial website to provide prospective students with information about the property, including the expected per-bed cost of a shared room.
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Student Stories



“I originally wanted to be an Environmental Studies major. But I didn’t get in. So I came to Stamford, and my whole perspective changed. I realized I should be doing something more relative to my life; something that allowed me to express myself. Three years later and I have found myself interning at NBC Sports. Seeing my stuff air on TV is one of the most fulfilling things



“I moved to the United States from Colombia about seven years ago. I took a few years to learn English at a community college and came to UCONN after I graduated from there. I originally wanted to do medicine, but I realized I’d prefer something I would actually enjoy. Something that would make me happy. So I looked into the DMD program and here I am!”



“I’m constantly thinking of new ideas. I love to come up with ways to fix old problems with new technology. I chose to be in the Digital Media and Design program because I feel Digital Media is the only major in which I can learn, experiment and actually enjoy expressing my creative side. When I graduate, I believe I will have acquired all the tools I need to be the founder and CEO of my own digital product.”



“Digital Media goes way beyond my school life. My parents run a non-profit organization for people who don’t have enough food in the South Bronx, the poorest district in New York. The outreach center that they operate is one of the largest food pantries in the state. They provide food service, housing services, etc. to people who are in dire need of help and do not know where to turn. My brother and I have been working on an initiative to better market the organization—and we are starting with the nucleus—designing a website from scratch. I definitely have a better understanding of the analytic process and the importance of content creation. If I had not been in the DMD program, I would have never been able to do that.”

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Stamford Labs

Our department is located on the third floor of the main UConn Stamford campus. Here our students enjoy exclusive access to three contemporary learning spaces that include: 2 computer labs, a video production space, and a room dedicated to digital play and exploration, which we call the Splash Pad. Our spaces host a variety of technology that includes, 3D Imaging, 3D Printing, and Virtual Reality, as well as a wide selection of professional production equipment that can be sign-out by students. We believe that in order for our students to succeed in the real world, they should have access and experience with industry standard tools. The DMD program also provides Adobe Creative Cloud Software free to all DMD students.
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Faculty Perspectives


Assisant Professor-in-Residence

Digital Media Strategies for Business

I’ve spent the better part of the past decade working in a constantly evolving digital marketing landscape – with a strong focus on social media.  In 2014 alone, it’s estimated that companies spent nearly $9 billion on social media advertising! And that’s just one small piece of the digital pie. Companies are also experiencing huge talent gaps in analytics, mobile, content marketing, and digital advertising (to name a few).  It’s no coincidence that these are some of the key areas of focus in our Digital Media Strategies for Business concentration.  These skill gaps, combined with a rapidly growing industry, translate into tons of opportunities for students to cut their teeth in diverse fields – both while in school and upon graduation.


Assistant Professor-in-Residence

Motion Graphics & Digital Media Strategies for Business

Motion design is a powerful tool infiltrating all aspects of the marketing, communication, and entertainment fields. As a creative director overseeing teams of designers and animators on those projects, I know how hard it is to find talent. The studios I have worked with have had to recruit interns and staff from all around the world because skilled artists are scarce and in demand. Even more scarce is a skilled artist that thinks conceptually and strategically about their contribution to the project as a whole. With classes like Agency, students have the opportunity to work on real projects from concept to completion with actual clients, gaining invaluable professional experience while earning a degree. Located in Stamford with close proximity to New York, our students are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that abound in digital design and animation.
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Contact Stamford DMD


Matthew Worwood

Associate Director Digital Media & Design Department (Stamford) School of Fine Arts

University of Connecticut