Educational Outreach
The DMD outreach program with Connecticut high schools strives to inform students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and administrators about career paths available to students with a mastery of the digital arts and sciences.

Through our outreach program, we have set-up and support Early College Experience (ECE) programs in 4-Connecticut high schools teaching foundational techniques and the use of digital media tools while exposing students to the field of digital media as a potential plan of study in college.

We also regularly host high school students to our campuses for interaction with students and faculty who provide an overview of the wide field of opportunity open to students in the digital arts, technology and sciences.

The program also includes collaborations with other institutions of higher learning within the state and region fostering relationships supporting collaborative digital media initiatives throughout the state and region.

If you would like for a representative from the Digital Media & Design faculty to visit your high school, please contact: Stacy Webb (stacy.webb@uconn.edu)


Business Outreach
Our outreach program extend to the digital business sector and emphasize the development of relationships between students of the Digital Media and Design program and businesses operating in the digital space. The goal of these relationships is to identify mutually beneficial research projects driven by the interaction of industry leaders with our students and faculty leading to internships and potential career paths for graduates of our program.